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abu hasan
Jul 28, 2022
In Sports Forum
Many epoch-making innovative products actually have designer Number List founders: Rian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, co-founders of Airbnb (Airbnb), which subverted the traditional hotel industry, Nike (Nike), who first created waffle-soled running shoes Founder Bill Bowerman, LEGO founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen, who designed and developed concave and convex dot stitching blocks, and co-founder Chad Hurley, who subverted the authority of content dissemination and opened the era of national podcasts, they are all designers, based on Our own insights into the industry, products and user needs have revolutionized the industry. 1. Radical innovation initiation/strategy 2 The last article mentioned that the starting point of incremental innovation is mainly communication and communication, while radical innovation relies on creative breakthroughs. There are two types of demand propositions that may make creative divergence difficult. One of them is that the demand proposition is too specific, which may limit the space for creative divergence; the other is that the demand proposition is too grand and boundless, so that designers do not know where to start research and divergence. For these two states, the following methods will help designers solve problems in a targeted manner. 1. Strategy 1. Problem Mining Dig Deeper If the proposition is too specific, it is likely to limit the creative divergence space. As if the solution has already been arranged, the designer is likely to be limited to the existing ideas. Problem mining is to break the casserole and ask to the end for this kind of proposition, so as to help yourself better get divergent ideas. Problem mining is to write down all the problems that can be thought of, dig out the causes and consequences, and understand the internal and external opportunities and risks. 1) Questions can start from the following three tool angles (1) 5W1H problem 5W1H are: what, who, why, where, when, how. Start with these six questions and list all the questions you want to ask, and continue to diverge with associated sub-questions. Then try to answer the questions just listed by yourself, skipping some questions that may not be relevant to the proposition. After we have completed the sorting and screening by ourselves, we can ask these questions in the communication and interview with the demander to gain an in-depth understanding and inspiration.
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